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iPad Air 2019 Review


The iPad air 2019 also known as Apple iPad Air 3 and iPad Air (3rd generation) is one of the latest releases from Apple. The iPad Air (2019) has the bionic chip with neural engine (a first for a non-pro). It has a screen of 10.5 inch display with thinner bezels giving users a good canvas for multitasking and gaming. iPad Air 2019 has a camera of 8megapixels, a 3Gb RAM and a powerful battery of 8134mAh. It equally boosts of a 7MP selfie camera and stereo sound speakers. iPad Air has a larger storage compartment, support for the smart keyboard (a first for a non-Pro iPad), weighs half a kilo and also 6.1 mm thin. The iPad Air costs $499 in US,£479 in UK,AU$779 in Australia.

It boosts a power horse battery capacity
A brilliant display screen
A fast charger through lightening-to-USB-C
Relatively cheap at $499 (for one of 64GB storage)
A cheap and foldable keyboard
Camera not so fantastic
No much new inventions (just a combination of Apple’s existing parts and pieces)
Two speakers where as it should have been four


The iPad air can be said to be a much larger iPad mini, it features a large 10.5 inch retina display and it is made of the aluminium casing which we are all familiar with. The design is available in gold (with a white front), silver (with a white front) and gray (with a black front) colors, there is no rose gold in this product. The iPad Air is Apple’s thinnest non-Pro iPad with size of 6.1mm, remember that the Pro is 5.9mm while the iPad 9.7 has a size of 7.5mm. It is of a light weight of 1Ib(456g) which means that it is only the iPad mini (2019) that is much lighter at 0.66Ibs (300.5g).  Though it weighs more with the smart keyboard attached to it at about 1.56 pounds.

The tablet has a 3.5mm headphone jack, a reliable touch ID button (no face ID yet) which unlocks the tablet almost instantly, and at the bottom of its frame there is a lightening port though newer Pros use USB-C. The big omission in the iPad Air is the lack of four speakers having two speakers instead.


The iPad Air 10.5-inch retina display with thinner bezels and wide colors allows you to see photos, videos, and also have a wonderful experience while playing your games in very clear true-to-life displays. It possesses a laminated display which lets colors pop, the laminated display simply implies that there is very little between the thinner glass and the panel below the glass. Equally, the Air’s screen gets pretty bright emitting brightness of up to 425 nits and offering a nice view even when viewed from different angles.

Another interesting thing about the iPad’s Air display is its Apple true tone and an anti-reflective coating which enables you to have the best viewing experience. True tone automatically adjusts the white balance in a manner relative to the light of the surrounding environment. This helps to improve the visibility when using the phone.


The iPad Air has a powerful A12 Bionic chip which has a neural engine (which enables machine learning), this improves the performance of the iPad Air’s system to about 50% making it to rival the performance of today’s best laptops. This helps to improve the speed of apps making apps launch up to 30% faster than they would have on an A11 powered iPhone. This feature matches that of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR which has the same A12 Bionic chip.

This processor also enhances multitasking, making the use of multiple apps at the same time easy and without stress. The A12 bionic chip also improves the working of the camera.

Smart Keyboard

The iPad Air supports a smart keyboard which enables easy presentation and write-up creations. Though the keys are quite shallow, they are laser- etched making them water and stain resistant. The smart keyboard can neatly fold into the tablet because of the smart connector it possesses, which magnetically fastens the fabric keyboard cover to the bottom of the tablet.

One limiting thing about the iPad’s Air is that it has no backlit making it hard to type in the absence of light. Another issue is the high price of the smart keyboard which costs $159(£159, AU$235) especially as it is not the latest version of the keyboard though the tablet can be paired with any other Bluetooth keyboards.

  Apple Pencil

All the iPads Apple produces in recent years possesses an Apple Pencil and iPad Air 2019 is the first of its kind to be compatible with the pressure-sensitive pencil. The Air’s pencil however is the first-generation Apple pencil though it is still compatible with the second-generation Apple Pencil. However first-generation pencil is not the best choice since it doesn’t enable easy magnetic charging as the pencil is heavy and easily rolls off while it’s been charged, so connecting and charging the Apple Pencil on the lightening port at the bottom of the tablet is precarious and constantly falls off. The Apple Pencil however is cheap and is as responsive as the second-generation on an iPad screen.


 The iPad Air really has nice cameras possessing 7MP front camera and 8MP rear camera which allows you to take stunning photos and 1080p HD videos with the front and back cameras. This is because of the A12 Bionic chip in its panel which adds nice features to its camera modes like the portrait mode, portrait lighting, allowing for clearer live Face Time calls(thanks to neural engine allowing for better detection of faces and bodies when pictures and videos are being taken).


The iPad Air’s battery capacity of 8134mAh is a long lasting battery which on standby mode can last for up to a week, it can last for more than 24hours when in on and off mode and up to 11hours on frequent use (that is when connected to wifi or mobile data, watching videos or listening to music). Another interesting thing about the iPad Air is its fast charging making it the first Apple iPad Air to have such. Fast charging has been exclusive to newer Pro models except the iPad Pro9.7.


The iPad Air has a panel which can support a storage capacity from 64GB up to 256GB with a 3GB RAM. The iPad Air however does not have any memory card slot

Sound System

The iPad Air has a sound system with loud stereo speakers of 3.5mm jack which has active noise cancellation with dedicated mic. The tablet has two speakers instead of four.

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